Free spirited and hard to keep at home, Irene and Tomasso Dose are always out and about. Whether is hiking on the mountains, roaming the woods with their backpacks or roller skating around Italy, they know how to bring adventure into their lives.

No wonder why their apparel line, Busking Bears, is all about being active, embracing the outdoors and exploring the unknown. From fresh screen- printed T-shirts to practical tote bags and colourful backpacks, wandering souls will find activewear and gear that suits not only their outdoor ventures but also the urban lifestyle.

busking bears

For the two siblings, the passion for design and clothing was inherited by their grandma, an old- style Italian tailor and in 2014 they decided to combine Irene’s creativity and Tomasso’s business management skills to form in less than six months their own line of ‘apparel for adventurers’.

busking bears

Even if they truly are Citizens of the World- Tomasso currently lives in London and Irene is travelling more often than not, which makes her hard to get a coffee with- Busking Bears have a deep love for the region they grew up, Friuli Venezia Giulia. The sea with its green coastline, the wild Alpine mountains, the hills and the peaceful lakes, influence Irene’s designs and make them what they are, inspiringly adventurous.

busking bears

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